Interesting Wedding Facts You Need to Know

I love wedding! It is interesting to see newly wedding couple work down the aisle and all the glamour plus fun in it can really make you go awwww. Wedding is great and so today, we take a step back and look at some interesting wedding facts that you should know.

  1. Do you know that the reason why a woman is placed on the left side of a man during the wedding is because in pre-historical times, men have to place their sword in their right hand to defend their bride in case of a battle?
  2. The first wedding in pre-historic times took place around 4,500 year ago ( o my God!)
  3. Dowry has it’s place in history. In the past, the father of the bride usually pays dowry when his daughter is been married off.
  4. The most expensive wedding gift cost about $4million.

Hmm! Check out this infographic that share other interesting facts about weddings that you need to know.   a-brief-history-of-weddings_50be7ff4466de_w618 What interesting wedding facts will you like to share? We want to hear from you

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