A Simple Guide to Throwing A Perfect Baby Shower

throwing a baby shower If you are involved in planning a baby shower, successfully executing one can be a bit difficult. This is because planning any party is not an easy task. When planning a party, there are lot of basics that needs to be covered and a whole lot more that can skip the mind. A baby shower is the celebration of expected life. It also denotes the celebration of the woman who is expecting the new addition to the family, therefore a baby shower is a thing of joy and calls for celebration. But how can you successful throw one? Here are some great tips to help you plan one.  Due to the stressful nature of planning any party, a baby shower is best organised by a friend of the family, co-workers, relatives, husband of the mum-to-be or even the expectant family itself. Because it is usually stressful to plan an event, it is highly recommended that the mum-to-be should not be involved in the whole process of planning the baby shower but if she is up to it, then she can be allowed to plan her own baby shower.  

A baby shower can be held at any time during the stage of the pregnancy but you want to host the baby shower while the mum to be is still agile enough to take part in the activities surrounding the baby shower. We therefore recommend that you host the baby shower anytime between the third trimester of pregnancy but not too close to the time of delivery.

Guest list is very vital to the success of the baby shower, your guest should be well informed ahead of time minimum of 4-6 weeks to the event.  

Another thing you should consider is the location for the baby shower. Is it going to hold in the office, at the mum-to-be house or at an event centre? Adequate consideration should be given to this. You do not want to drop a heap of load for the expectant mother after the party is over to grabble with. Therefore we recommend hosting your baby shower at any other location but the mum to be house. There are lots of ways to make your baby shower colourful. With different decorations and gifts for the mum to be. 

Scared your baby shower might be boring? There are different games you can play at a baby shower. You don’t need to plan an elaborate game. One very interesting one you should try is called “guess the sex of the baby”. The first person to guess correctly get to give the child a name Another fun game you can play is ask everyone there to give their own parenting advice to the mum to be. This advice can be written down and kept in a box.

Did you host a baby shower recently? We love to hear from you.    

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