How To Plan The Perfect Hen Night

hen night Imagine this. Your best friend is getting married and you are the maid of honor or one of the lucky ladies on the bridal train. Hurray! It is an honour and privilege but as part of the bridal party, you are saddled with a lot of responsibility and functions. One of such responsibility will be to organise the hen night for the bride to be. Hen night, loose night or bachelorette night is usually a great time for the bride to be to have “one last fun” before the wedding.

Hen night involves a lot of things. You have to think of the number of guests, the venue, theme and even most importantly activities for the night. This article will help make the planning of your hen night less stressful.   What is a Hen’s Night?

The term hen night or more popular bridal shower refers to a party organised in honour of the bride to be. It is a night that is meant to celebrate her last freedom night before she says those magical words “I do”. Hen night are done for women who are about to get married and usually holds before the bachelor party.  

Number of Guest to Invite A party is as good as it’s guest. So the number of guest for your hen night is important. We usually recommend having not more than 20 guests at your hen night. While anyone of the bride-to- be friends can be invited to her hen night, it is usually better to invite only the bride’s maids. Make a list of all the people who you want to attend the party and make sure you send out an invitation as early as possible.  

Where Should You Hold Your Hen Night? There are different places to host your hen night but it should never be at the residence of the bride to be. Depending on your theme, you can have an outdoor event or it can be an indoor event.  

To Theme or Not to Theme? Should you have a theme for your hen’s night? I dare say it depends. Your theme will determine the dress and decoration you need night.  One theme you should try out is the air-hostess theme. The air-hostess theme is classy, sexy and flirty, so it is definitely worth a try. Whatever theme you choose, avoid wearing black to a hen night is bad. Also, only the bride to be is free to wear white. Therefore, if you are going with our suggested air-hostess theme, then the bride to be should wear the official white captain’s uniform.  

What Kind of Activities Should You Do On Your Hen Night You can have enough fun on your hen night depending on how creative you can be. There are lots of activities you can plan for the hen night. One critical factor that should guide the hen night activities is the personality of the bride’s to be. Is she outgoing and an introvert? This can help you decide but we have a list of some of the activities that should make the hen night something worth remembering for a long time to come. This can help you decide but we have a list of some of the activities that should make the hen night something worth remembering for a long time to come.

  • Try some outdoor activities eg games, bike riding or even horse riding.
  • Clubbing – take her to her favourite club and make sure the DJ plays one of her favourite song in honour of her last freedom night.
  • Dancing – Dancing is a great way to catch your fun. Pole dancing, dirty dancing or even salsa can really be fun.
  • Cooking/Food or wine tasting- Do the bride love to cook? Organise someone to guess the first meal she is going to cook after her wedding. The let her go through the process of cooking it. Lay out a table and let her practice serving her husband.
  • Hunky Hotties – Want to be lazy, flirty and still catch your fun. Get some hunky hotties to stand guard and let one of them rescue her from an imaginary dragon.
  • Live band – A live band can be great fun. Organise a live band to sing for her. Record the song and let her keep it in her collections. Better still, organise the guest into a band and sing her a song.
  • Pampering – A day out at the spa for everyone will be nice to hang out, catch up on all things and share great ideas.
  • Singing – Does she like singing? Get her and let one of the guest sing her a duet of her favourite song.

  A hen night is usually one last beautiful time to hang out with the girls. Make it as much fun as possible for the bride to be. You can get some of our beautiful hen night decorations to help you add color to your party.  

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