Ideas For A Private Bacherlorette Party

If you are saddled with planning a hen night for the bride to be, coming up with the perfect idea might be difficult.  Don’t fret, below are a few ideas that could get the party started.  

  1. Throw a private party with a cool dj and get the squad up on their feet all night long. Tip: communicate with the dj beforehand on the genre of music you would like and pack flat shoes for the sore feet after 🙂

xmas-party-slidedj booth

2. If you are an adventurous group or the bride to be loves the thrill, then quad bike riding with the crew is the perfect party event.6-quad-biking-adventure

3. Salsa dancing with your friends and partners is always a lot of fun. albany-salsa-dance  

4. Throw a limo party.. fully decorated in a theme of your choicebirthday-limo2  

5. Let the bride to be enjoy a day being a super model with her private photo-shoot spread… bring out the kim in her 🙂 kim kardashian vogue photo shoot  

6. Learn how to make pizza or attend cooking classespizza slices

  7. Learn to pole dance, i hear these skills come in handy :ppole dancing   8. Few days before the wedding, spoil her with a day at the spa. Your bride to be friend would love you forever!!spa

  9. Treasure hunts are always a great laugh with friends and family, ensure that are lots of prizes to be worn to get the group excited.treasure hunt

10. Wine tasting is definitely a great way to bond, laugh and gain new skills. wine-tasting

We are excited to hear about your amazing hen night ideas or stories. 


7th treasure

How To Plan The Perfect Hen Night

hen night Imagine this. Your best friend is getting married and you are the maid of honor or one of the lucky ladies on the bridal train. Hurray! It is an honour and privilege but as part of the bridal party, you are saddled with a lot of responsibility and functions. One of such responsibility will be to organise the hen night for the bride to be. Hen night, loose night or bachelorette night is usually a great time for the bride to be to have “one last fun” before the wedding.

Hen night involves a lot of things. You have to think of the number of guests, the venue, theme and even most importantly activities for the night. This article will help make the planning of your hen night less stressful.   Continue reading

Interesting Wedding Facts You Need to Know

I love wedding! It is interesting to see newly wedding couple work down the aisle and all the glamour plus fun in it can really make you go awwww. Wedding is great and so today, we take a step back and look at some interesting wedding facts that you should know.

  1. Do you know that the reason why a woman is placed on the left side of a man during the wedding is because in pre-historical times, men have to place their sword in their right hand to defend their bride in case of a battle?
  2. The first wedding in pre-historic times took place around 4,500 year ago ( o my God!)
  3. Dowry has it’s place in history. In the past, the father of the bride usually pays dowry when his daughter is been married off.
  4. The most expensive wedding gift cost about $4million.

Hmm! Check out this infographic that share other interesting facts about weddings that you need to know.   Continue reading

A Simple Guide to Throwing A Perfect Baby Shower

throwing a baby shower If you are involved in planning a baby shower, successfully executing one can be a bit difficult. This is because planning any party is not an easy task. When planning a party, there are lot of basics that needs to be covered and a whole lot more that can skip the mind. A baby shower is the celebration of expected life. It also denotes the celebration of the woman who is expecting the new addition to the family, therefore a baby shower is a thing of joy and calls for celebration. But how can you successful throw one? Here are some great tips to help you plan one.   Continue reading

Best Wedding Blogs to Follow in 2016

top wedding blog 2016 Looking for the best wedding blog to bookmark for 2016? The team at 7thTreasure has decided to share their top blogs of 2015 and we hope that you find this blog useful as you visit them regularly for great wedding tips and advice. Think there is a blog we missed? Then send us your suggestion. NB: These are not listed in any particular order.  

1. Aisleperfect 

Looking for the best wedding tips, advice, bridal fashion and everything in between, then Aisle Perfect will be your go-to resource. AP as it is popularly known, also features life real weddings. Check Out This Post: Wedding Planning: The Good, Bad and Ugly  

2. Nigeria Wedding Guide   

This wedding blog preaches itself as the leading resource for wedding and marriages in Nigeria and we rightly believe so. The website is focused on helping brides and grooms look beyond the wedding and think about the marriage itself. Not married? Don’t worry, there is a whole column dedicated to those in a relationship and even those not “engaged”. Check Out This Post: Printable Nigerian Wedding Checklist  

3. StyleMePretty

 A great wedding blog that offers great advice on. If you have never heard of Stylemepretty, there are some great and awesome post there. Stylemepretty is a wedding blog for the style-obsessed bride. This blog is founded by Abby but articles are also are contributed by other authors who share their inspirational wedding tips and advice. Check Out This Post: Gerogia Wedding Ideas and Inspiration   

4. Wedding Digest Naija

   Just as the name implied, Weddingdigestnaija is the number blog for wedding gist, advice and latest and news from around the world. In addition, the blog has a forum where you can ask your relationship and wedding questions. Check Out This Post: Perfect Wedding Guest Dresses To Inspire Your Next Look  

Continue reading

Ultimate Checklist to Help You Plan An Epic Party

party checklist

Do you want your party to be the party of the moment?

I guess we all do.

Planning and executing a party either it is a wedding, birthday or a bridal shower can be quite a daunting task. When you seems to have everything under control, you suddenly noticed that there is this little “tiny” detail that you seems to have forgotten.

During the past few weeks leading to this article, I have spoken with over 50 women and 70% of them acknowledged the fact that there seems to be something they “overlooked” or let’s say didn’t remember to fix on time.

This can lead to frustration on your part since you want your guest to have a wonderful experience as they attend your party.

To help prevent this, we have put together this printable party planning checklist to help you.

To use this checklist, you will need to print it out and tick off as you accomplish each step listed under the categories.

A sneak peep into this free checklist –

  1. Budget

You don’t want to regret spending a particular amount after your guest has left. What should you do?


  1. Venue

What are the factors to consider when making a choice of venue? We got them listed


  1. Theme

Want a memorable party? Then pick a theme. But how do you pick one? Need inspiration and guide to pick a theme?


  1. Entertainment

Live band or Dj? How do you determine?


  1. Catering for your guest

True or true, your guest are the most important people at your party? Not in all cases actually but they are a crucial factor in the whole event. How do you come up with perfect list? How many people should you invest?


  1. Gift Supplies

Here is where I love most. What factors will determine the kind of gift to give and most importantly where do you get them from. Use the checklist to find out or if you are in haste, check here

Go ahead get your checklist here.



5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding On A Budget

wedding on budget   There is usually one very exciting day and moment in a lady’s life. That moment when the man of your dreams goes down on one knee and proposed to you, okay, I admit it not every “will you marry moment” goes like this, but such moment is one of the days every woman lives for. It could be so exciting especially when it is the man you love in return and it could make you feel like flying so high.

You suddenly become the most important and beautiful woman in the room. But as the euphoria of the moment dies down, come the realization that you have got a wedding to plan. This can sometimes send jittery downs your nerve and raise different questions. Some of the questions running through your mind will include: Continue reading

20 DIY ideas for a Truly Epic Party

Balling on a budget is literally the new black people! So you want to throw an awesome party and have your friends green with envy but you do not want your bank account to weep uncontrollably? Yes darling, it is very possible! Simply  say hello to D.I.Y and you are now on a journey to the most epic party and with change to buy the shoes you have been dreaming off for months. Chi ching!

If you are wondering where to get some of these items, we have a beautiful collection over here We have compiled a few awesome ideas for you darling readers so keep scrolling!

1. Upside down wine glasses and candles as centrepiecewine glass centre


So easy yet so breathtaking – simply flip wine glasses upside down to use as candle holder and add flowers underneath for a burst of colour.

2. Birdcage centrepieces birdcage and candles


*sigh* We are truly obsessed with birdcages! For a shabby chic theme, incorporate as your centrepiece and fill with candles or flowers for a fresh look or even pearls for a glamorous 20s vibe .

birdcage 2


3. Doilies to the rescue! Continue reading

Wine and Champagne Themed Wedding Ideas

Hi Everyone!

We were asked to write a post for Aisle Perfect. Yay! It can be pretty daunting to contribute or share your ideas but Aisle Perfect is the “perfect” place to share these ideas and know one person out there would potentially enjoy our thoughts just as much as we do!! lol . Below is the product of our first contribution! 

Aisle Perfect is a site that celebrates all things wedding and style, we had approached them to be featured on their Pretty Perfect Vendors page, in-turn we were asked to write a post on  Wine and Champagne Themed Wedding Ideas by 7th Treasure after we realised we had a love for wine in common! Enjoy x


When it comes to the perfect bridal shower or wedding themes, some of us want an elegant Chanel inspired theme, some others some thing more elegant like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, whilst the rest probably want a jaw-dropping ‘Kate Spade’ inspired theme. Then there are the likes of us who just want to drink wine or champagne and dance the night away.

To our alcohol lovers out there, Welcome!! This is your lucky day! We at 7th Treasure, have put together the most gorgeous ideas for an Ah-mazing wine themed event!




Wine cork seating chart

Lindsey Gomes Photography via Every Last Detail

*sigh* Is that not just the most adorable display? If you are all about getting the party started, have the glasses out and ready to go with cute escort cards at the rim.  Continue reading


Every party needs a bit of fun and confetti!! There are different ways to enjoy confetti!!

  confetti balloon 


Currently available on our site, confetti balloon Fill up with Helium and it’s ready for the use

Table Decor

Baby Showerbaby shower confetti baby boybaby shower confetti boy and girl

Scatter these cute pieces all over the room or table to create a stunning ambience for the beautiful yummy mummy to be 🙂

gold heart confettired heart confetti


Let the cute couple sprinkle their love in the shape of lil hearts all around the wedding venue. 


engagement heart confetti

Till next time, have a beautiful celebration!!

7th Treasure