How to Create A Bridal Shower Guest List

bridal shower guest list

The life of every party is in the people that attend. Today, we are going to learn how to create a guest list for your bridal shower.

Bridal shower is one of the most interesting build-up to any bride’s wedding. A lot of things can make or break your bridal shower party and one of them is the quality of people you invites.

While inviting people may not seem a great deal, getting organised around it is important and that is why today we are going to learn how to create a bridal shower guest list using our good old friend Microsoft excel. If you are like me, you can skip the stage below and simply download the free template.

Before we start, what is a bridal shower list and who should be on the list?

A bridal shower gathering is a party that includes the closest associate of the bride. A bridal shower guest list is a list containing the bride’s attendant, personal friends of the bride and family.

Now, let’s create our bridal shower guest list.

Step 1: Decided who you want on the list

If you are saddled with planning your friend’s bridal shower, you will immediately realise that deciding on the people to invite and the number is not an exact science.

As a rule of thumb, the number of people invited to a bridal shower should not be more than 20. Also, avoid inviting people who you know will not be invited to the wedding and finally, make sure the bride is aware of everyone who is invited to the party. After all, it is her party and you do not want to throw a “pleasant” surprise on her.

Step 2: Decide what information you want to keep

There are lots of information you want to keep about your guest but from experience, the following are some of the most important ones you should keep.

  • Name
  • Relationship to the bride
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Status
  • Invite sent
  • Reply Received
  • Notes


Step3: Pick your storage format

Basically, you have two option for storing your document. You  may decide to store it online which means you will  have to create it using the online version. The other option is to create it on your local system using your Microsoft Excel application.

Either option gives yo the same end result but you can always access one online anytime you want.

I will be creating my template using Google doc so you can easily download the template.

Step 4: Open Excel Sheet

bridal shower list-1

  • Click Google Sheet

bridal shower list-2

  • Name your sheet


Step 5: Fil in the headers

Now it is time to fill in all the headers we listed above. By the time you are done, your sheet should look like mine.

Step 6: Freeze the top plane

We want to ensure that we know what information we are filling into the different column so we are going to keep the header fixed.

Click on View and use the freeze menu to keep the upper row in place.

bridal shower list-4

Step 7: Enter all other information

Now populate the excel sheet with your information adding appro[iste information in the “notes” column.

That is how we make a guest file in excel. You can make yours following our step by step procedure or you simply make a copy using this link

Now that you have your guest list figured out and properly planned, it is time to send out those invitations. Not sure where to start, check out our invitation section for ideas.



Nigeria Wedding Statistics-Infographic

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If you have read our interesting wedding facts, then you will be interested in this infographic where we share some Nigeria and Africa wedding statistics.




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Party Roundup- Best of March


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Here we go in no particular order


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How To Throw A Successful Party

throw a successful partyDo you want to throw a successful party?

Imagine yourself hosting a party that guest keeps talking about even after they have left. What would make it so successful? Is it the food or are there secret ingredients that make for a successful party?

A party is usually a social event where people socialize and is usually characterised by eating, drinking and socializing.

A party is usually characterised by the above but what makes some parties memorable?


Secrets Ingredients to Throwing a Successful Party?


  1. Guest: The total number of guest and their complexity can either break or break your party. When planning a party, people usually start to think of the food first or the venue.


Unfortunately, they forget to consider that the people they really are planning this party for – their guest.


Make sure that your guests are the first thing you consider before you make any other plan. You want to have a handle on the total number of people you are inviting. Having an over populated party will make the place rowdy and people can suddenly become restive.


Too few people at your party and the space become too big, guest feels swallowed up.


Another thing to consider when thinking about your guest is the complexity of the combination of the guest are important. Are they of the same age group? Do they share the same interest or they have varied interest? What is their personality type?


  1. Music: Music is the live and soul of every party. Consider the type for music you want to play? Is it a music your audience will resonate with?


Depending on the type of party you are throwing, sometimes you want some music in the background. Other times, the music are meant to be played at certain intervals.


If background music is going to be used, make sure that the music is not interfering with conversations around the table. Background music should be just loud enough so people can hear it without distracting them from their conversations.


  1. Activity: People who go to parties usually do not remember a lot of things but one thing they will remember is the activities or the fun they had.

You must have a good plan for all the things that will take place at the party. Is it an outdoor party, then plan games that fit for outdoor activities?


If your party is indoor, the make sure that the games are indoor games.

Make sure your party is full of activities that will get your guest fully involved. Plan your activities around their age, personality type and available resources.


  1. Theme: To theme or not to theme? A greatly successful party must be themed. Picking a theme for your party helps you to make proper plans and give ambience to your party.


  1. Party Essential List: No matter what you do, there are some great essentials that every party must have.


I will suggest you start with this:



Decorations – balloons

Food- cakes, ice-cream and delicious foods

Cameras – to keep memories

Extra chairs and table – you don’t want to have your guest standing

Prizes for games – nothing makes it more fun when winners of games get prizes to take home with them.


Throwing a great party is not as difficult as a lot of people are meant to believe. With a little spice of the above, you can throw a successful party that keeps people talking.

20 DIY ideas for a Truly Epic Party

Balling on a budget is literally the new black people! So you want to throw an awesome party and have your friends green with envy but you do not want your bank account to weep uncontrollably? Yes darling, it is very possible! Simply  say hello to D.I.Y and you are now on a journey to the most epic party and with change to buy the shoes you have been dreaming off for months. Chi ching!

If you are wondering where to get some of these items, we have a beautiful collection over here We have compiled a few awesome ideas for you darling readers so keep scrolling!

1. Upside down wine glasses and candles as centrepiecewine glass centre


So easy yet so breathtaking – simply flip wine glasses upside down to use as candle holder and add flowers underneath for a burst of colour.

2. Birdcage centrepieces birdcage and candles


*sigh* We are truly obsessed with birdcages! For a shabby chic theme, incorporate as your centrepiece and fill with candles or flowers for a fresh look or even pearls for a glamorous 20s vibe .

birdcage 2


3. Doilies to the rescue! Continue reading