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6 great collections of birthday themes

Thinking of a creative idea for your next birthday?

While birthdays are fun and can remind us of a large number of things, one thing we want to do is create a good memory.

So either you are planning y our 1st birthday or your 40th birthday, here are some beautiful and creative birthday theme you can use.


6 Themes to Inspire Your Next Birthday Celebration

  1. Make it about your favourite brand

This 4-year-old manage to pull it off. She found inspiration in one of her favourite brands and make it into a theme for her birthday. Guess what happened? The company decided to pay her a surprise by sending her treat to make it a success.

What a pleasantly surprising birthday present for 4-year-old Irish and great publicity for CVS.




2.  Make it about a profession

Crazy about a profession? Why not have a birthday theme around the profession? That is exactly what this dad did for his toddler.L’erin Dobra found out his son was crazy about a particular advert and decided to make his birthday about the advert. From the grin, it is so obvious he had a wonderful day.



3. Alice in Wonderland Theme Birthday party

Most celebrities parties are usually not what you expect but not for Sabrina. With an alice in wonderland theme party for her 16th year old birthday, she actually got it all figured out.




4. Host a Laua Themed Birthday

With an Hawaiian-inspired décor. Make sure you greet guests with a tropical entryway made from bamboo, burlap, and brown shipping tubes. Interested in this party theme, just follow the instruction as laid out.




5. NFL Theme Birthday Show

Love sport? Then why not have a birthday theme of your favourite sport. Betty White ( golden girl of Boston Legal) celebrated her 94th birthday with an NFL themed add.



6.Monster Themed Birthday

Monsters are fun when they are not lurking under your bed, then you don’t want to look. But if you really interested in creating a fun theme birthday for your little one, then using a colorful monster themed birthday might just make the difference.




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