Party Roundup- Best of April



Once again, it is the end of April and as usual we bring you the stories,tips and resources that made us go aaww in the month of April.

Here we go.

  1.  How to Create A Giant Ballon for Mother’s day: What would you give to be able to make a flower out of balloons? In this DIY tutorial, that is exactly what you will learn. Do not look too far for the perfect mother’s day gift.


2.Garden Bridal Shower Idea: When planning this bridal shower, we wanted to get the perfect mix of elegance, style and charm! This goal was achieved and exceeded because of the amazing vendors involved. They took the bride to be, Jamie, and made her vision come to life. Guests got to enjoy delicious desserts …. That is exactly what she garden themed bridal shower is all about.



3. Free Printable Mother’s Day Card: Guess we are still on a giving the perfect gifts for mothers. In this post, Kim shares her printable mother’s day card inspired from her earlier “Best Mom Tee”


4. How to Get Your Kids to Clean: I never can get my daughter to help out especially when she is not in the mood. She either feigns she is tired or she suddenly develops acute pain in any part of her body.  So how can you get the kids involved? Make it cool and fun just like the tip shared in this article.


5. Nigeria Wedding Statistics: And on the 7thtreasure party blog, we share the latest Nigeria wedding statistics in infographic form.


That is all folks. Come around any resource you feel, you want us to include in our roundup. Feel free to recommend.

Nigeria Wedding Statistics-Infographic

Why do people go to weddings? How many wedding takes place in Africa annually and what is the average cost of weddings in Nigeria? The wedding ceremony is usually a big one in Africa and most especially Nigeria. How many wedding takes place annually? What is the average cost of a wedding in Nigeria and most importantly why do Nigerians attend weddings?

If you have read our interesting wedding facts, then you will be interested in this infographic where we share some Nigeria and Africa wedding statistics.




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9 Traditional Wedding Fact From Around The World


You think you have heard it all! but I bet you, you simply have not

I bet you, you simply have no idea that these traditional wedding facts exist. Check out this infographic .

Traditional Wedding Fact You may Find Hard to Believe:

  1. South-Korea – Husband gives his mother-in-law ducks as a sign of his fidelity
  2. Indian– Bride’s sister or cousins steals the grooms shoe while he was intend the temple attending his wedding. He usually ransoms them back. Hmm! What a way to test the negotiation skills of the man and still have fun while doing that.
  3. Denmark– The groom’s socks is cut off while being hosted in the air. This is to represent his sign of fidelity.
  4. Peru– Remember the throwing of the flower after the bride’s wedding to see who catches it first? Read how it is been done in Peru.
  5. Malaysia– Couple does not use the toilet for three days. Breaking it may mean bad luck to the newly wedded.
  6. Sweden– Fancy the bride or the groom? Get them to get married in Sweden and you can steal a kiss officially. It is no crime.
  7. South Africa– Salt, pepper etc are given as symbolic items during the traditional wedding.
  8. Ireland– Straw boys visit the ceremony to dance with the couple and shares jokes. They do this dressed in straw costumes.
  9. Germany– Both couples are giving a saw to cut through a log together.


There you have it. Funny traditional wedding facts from around the world that are true. Now it is your turn, tell us how traditional marriages are done in your region?

Wedding Survey 2016- How Did You Prepare For Your Big Day


A wedding ceremony is fun but it can fill about-to-get-wed couple with trepidation. What should I wear? How much should I spend on my wedding dress? What number is just right to invite for the perfect wedding?

So we thought to ask those who have gone before us, how did they plan for their big day?

Take part in our wedding survey and help build a better picture for the bride-to-be.


Party Roundup- Best of March


Welcome to our second edition of the best from wedding and party blogs. This month’s roundup brings you the best in wedding dress style that are in vogue, party theme if you love basketball and much more.

Here we go in no particular order


  1. How to have a pizza basketball theme: If you love basketball and pizza, then this is a must-read article for you. This article shares 7 tips to help you create a pizza basketball party that is fun.


2. What do you wear on your wedding day: I love weddings.  But as a bride, how do you determine what to wear on that special occasion? Get some inspiration from Berta Bridal for your next design

Berta Bridal 2016 Wedding Dress Collection



3. Top Wedding Photography blog you must visit: Love to be behind the camera? The here are some photography blog that can give you inspiration for your next shoot.

4. How to plan your kids birthday successful: Kids are fun. They are great to have around the house but not when it is exactly their birthday. That is why we created this guide to help you plan a successful party for your kid.

And that is a wrap for the March edition of our roundup. If you find any article interesting, then reach out via email and we just might share them.