Ultimate Checklist to Help You Plan An Epic Party

party checklist

Do you want your party to be the party of the moment?

I guess we all do.

Planning and executing a party either it is a wedding, birthday or a bridal shower can be quite a daunting task. When you seems to have everything under control, you suddenly noticed that there is this little “tiny” detail that you seems to have forgotten.

During the past few weeks leading to this article, I have spoken with over 50 women and 70% of them acknowledged the fact that there seems to be something they “overlooked” or let’s say didn’t remember to fix on time.

This can lead to frustration on your part since you want your guest to have a wonderful experience as they attend your party.

To help prevent this, we have put together this printable party planning checklist to help you.

To use this checklist, you will need to print it out and tick off as you accomplish each step listed under the categories.

A sneak peep into this free checklist –

  1. Budget

You don’t want to regret spending a particular amount after your guest has left. What should you do?


  1. Venue

What are the factors to consider when making a choice of venue? We got them listed


  1. Theme

Want a memorable party? Then pick a theme. But how do you pick one? Need inspiration and guide to pick a theme?


  1. Entertainment

Live band or Dj? How do you determine?


  1. Catering for your guest

True or true, your guest are the most important people at your party? Not in all cases actually but they are a crucial factor in the whole event. How do you come up with perfect list? How many people should you invest?


  1. Gift Supplies

Here is where I love most. What factors will determine the kind of gift to give and most importantly where do you get them from. Use the checklist to find out or if you are in haste, check here

Go ahead get your checklist here.



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