20 DIY ideas for a Truly Epic Party

Balling on a budget is literally the new black people! So you want to throw an awesome party and have your friends green with envy but you do not want your bank account to weep uncontrollably? Yes darling, it is very possible! Simply  say hello to D.I.Y and you are now on a journey to the most epic party and with change to buy the shoes you have been dreaming off for months. Chi ching!

If you are wondering where to get some of these items, we have a beautiful collection over here We have compiled a few awesome ideas for you darling readers so keep scrolling!

1. Upside down wine glasses and candles as centrepiecewine glass centre

Source: snapknot.com

So easy yet so breathtaking – simply flip wine glasses upside down to use as candle holder and add flowers underneath for a burst of colour.

2. Birdcage centrepieces birdcage and candles

Source: www.boho-weddings.com

*sigh* We are truly obsessed with birdcages! For a shabby chic theme, incorporate as your centrepiece and fill with candles or flowers for a fresh look or even pearls for a glamorous 20s vibe .

birdcage 2

Source: modernwedding.com.au

3. Doilies to the rescue! Continue reading