Wine and Champagne Themed Wedding Ideas

Hi Everyone!

We were asked to write a post for Aisle Perfect. Yay! It can be pretty daunting to contribute or share your ideas but Aisle Perfect is the “perfect” place to share these ideas and know one person out there would potentially enjoy our thoughts just as much as we do!! lol . Below is the product of our first contribution! 

Aisle Perfect is a site that celebrates all things wedding and style, we had approached them to be featured on their Pretty Perfect Vendors page, in-turn we were asked to write a post on  Wine and Champagne Themed Wedding Ideas by 7th Treasure after we realised we had a love for wine in common! Enjoy x


When it comes to the perfect bridal shower or wedding themes, some of us want an elegant Chanel inspired theme, some others some thing more elegant like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, whilst the rest probably want a jaw-dropping ‘Kate Spade’ inspired theme. Then there are the likes of us who just want to drink wine or champagne and dance the night away.

To our alcohol lovers out there, Welcome!! This is your lucky day! We at 7th Treasure, have put together the most gorgeous ideas for an Ah-mazing wine themed event!




Wine cork seating chart

Lindsey Gomes Photography via Every Last Detail

*sigh* Is that not just the most adorable display? If you are all about getting the party started, have the glasses out and ready to go with cute escort cards at the rim.  Continue reading