Every party needs a bit of fun and confetti!! There are different ways to enjoy confetti!!

  confetti balloon 


Currently available on our site, confetti balloon Fill up with Helium and it’s ready for the use

Table Decor

Baby Showerbaby shower confetti baby boybaby shower confetti boy and girl

Scatter these cute pieces all over the room or table to create a stunning ambience for the beautiful yummy mummy to be 🙂

gold heart confettired heart confetti


Let the cute couple sprinkle their love in the shape of lil hearts all around the wedding venue. 


engagement heart confetti

Till next time, have a beautiful celebration!!

7th Treasure

How to be the Best Bridesmaid. . .

bridesmaid movie

Wedding season is slowly creeping upon us, and that crucial role of being your girlfriend’s bridesmaid can be quite EXCITING yet DAUNTING! Trust me I know, I have been a bridesmaid a couple of times over (prior to that I was a flower girl for more times than I can count – lets just say My Mother enjoyed pimping her daughter out lol)

So what qualities does one need for this DREAM role:

1. Yes Man aka Tart is your new best friend
Its best to swallow a pill than to blurt out how much you hate her dress or the decor colours, from experience I have learnt to accept what ever decisions the bride decides on, this is not to say i would not give my input, i will but with caution. If she insists, them I’m game. Every bride has an idea of what her wedding day should/will look like, no one wants or would accept her colourful picture painted all over with black crayon. Thread with caution Ladies!

2. Patience
Things do not always go according to plan, therefore you would need to be the calming force for the bride throughout the planning process.


3. Team work
Most times, the bridal party are from different friendship groups or countries and what not with the Bride being the only connection, its a great way to meet new girlfriends (or better yet another bridesmaid offer in the horizon if you play your card right lol) – so it is important that you all get along or at least pretend to!
Stay connected, create a group – whats app, bbm, facebook, whatever works for everyone and get the plans going with everyone involved.

4. Stay alert at all times
Bridesmaid aka Personal Assistant role – If you need to redo her lipstick or touch up her makeup, or get that annoying relative far from the bride as possible, be ready to step in what ever role you are needed.

5. Love your Bridesmaid Dress
You may be a fashionista in your own right, but darling do not expect to be on the best dressed list, before you run off in a diva fit, remember that it is your best friend’s day, so its all about her!

6. Throw the BEST bridal party
Well you’re in the right place, at 7th treasure, we have all the accessories you would need to throw a great bridal shower or hen-party 🙂 Head over to 7th Treasure . . .



Gold is the new Black

There is something about gold that compares to no other – it is shiny, glittery, fabulous, elegant, retro, rachet (Nene Bloop!), glamorous and the list goes on! Gold suits every theme and you can simply do no wrong!


To take you into the world of glamour and glitter, we have put together a ideas for the perfect Gold party! Or if you are not down for the full works, these ideas will help you add a touch of gold to your whatever theme you choose. Feast your eyeballs below!

Giant gold balloons make the perfect  backdrop! These LOVE balloons are available in our shop herelove

Black and Gold food tableblack and gold

Gold candles are a stunning addition to your guest tables and perfect as centrepiece. These are available in our shop heregold candle

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