20 DIY ideas for a Truly Epic Party

Balling on a budget is literally the new black people! So you want to throw an awesome party and have your friends green with envy but you do not want your bank account to weep uncontrollably? Yes darling, it is very possible! Simply  say hello to D.I.Y and you are now on a journey to the most epic party and with change to buy the shoes you have been dreaming off for months. Chi ching!

If you are wondering where to get some of these items, we have a beautiful collection over here We have compiled a few awesome ideas for you darling readers so keep scrolling!

1. Upside down wine glasses and candles as centrepiecewine glass centre

Source: snapknot.com

So easy yet so breathtaking – simply flip wine glasses upside down to use as candle holder and add flowers underneath for a burst of colour.

2. Birdcage centrepieces birdcage and candles

Source: www.boho-weddings.com

*sigh* We are truly obsessed with birdcages! For a shabby chic theme, incorporate as your centrepiece and fill with candles or flowers for a fresh look or even pearls for a glamorous 20s vibe .

birdcage 2

Source: modernwedding.com.au

3. Doilies to the rescue! They can be used for place cards, menu cards, favor bags and are extremely affordable. They are perfect for a vintage or great gatsby themed party.

doilies place cards

Source: pebbleandlace.wordpress.com

Glossy paper or kraft paper and glue does the trick above and you have lovely vintage style place cards for all your guests.

doilies programs

Source: heartloveweddings.com

                                                 doiies milk bottles    doilies milk

Source: catchmyparty.com

*sigh* the most adorable ensemble and a creative alternative to standard drinking cups. Greta for cocktails, juices, smoothies etc! Milk bottles and striped straws are available at our shop.

4. Food and Drink Stations

Now we all know this s the most important detail at any event. Girl, no need for gold ceilings if your guests are starving *side-eye* Priorities people!

Cannot afford an event planner? Do not despair, a little DIY will have you ooh-la-laing at the end!

food station

Source: jemmakeech.com

Find water dispensers, drinking glasses, serving plates/candy jars and a lovely tablecloth and you are good to go! You could add some flowers , tissue pom poms or balloons for the perfect backdrop.

                                       dessert table        dessert3

Source: indulgy.com and wantawedding.co.uk

For a truly epic party, how about an icecream and popcorn bar?

                              popcorn bar3

Source: iloveswmag.com

Get some candy jars, labels and serving spoons. Oh and your popcorn of course! If you prefer to do individual popcorn boxes, we have a great range here

                                                   icecream bar  iceceeam

Source: theinspiredroom.net and blog.homeseasons.com

*sigh* No words! Kids love it. Adults love it. Its ridiculously easy to create. We have a winner!

5. DIY favors

We have sooo many ideas but we need to wrap this up before we overwhelm our darling readers, so we’ll finish with some awesome DIY favors. Your guests have accepted invite, attended, danced the night away so how do you thank them without breaking the already suffering bank? A few ideas below:

Mini champagne bottles and pretty striped straws.

champ bottle

Source: modwedding.com

Mini popcorn jars are always a hit! Use any fabric of your choice and attach to the top with a string for a touch of personalisation. You can replace with sweets, body scrubs or any item of your choice.

 favor 1

Source: weddingillustrated.net

Pedicure in a Jar. Best believe, you will have the heart of every lady in the room!

                                              pedicure jar pedicure 2

Source: gunnysack.com and diyangels.com

Fill your jar with foot scrubs, mini nail files, nail polish etc and add some personalised labels or decorate with a colourful doilie.

That’s it for now people! We hope the DIY ideas inspire you for your next party. Share with friends and family and lets all get creative!

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