Birthday Theme

6 great collections of birthday themes

Thinking of a creative idea for your next birthday?

While birthdays are fun and can remind us of a large number of things, one thing we want to do is create a good memory.

So either you are planning y our 1st birthday or your 40th birthday, here are some beautiful and creative birthday theme you can use.


6 Themes to Inspire Your Next Birthday Celebration

  1. Make it about your favourite brand

This 4-year-old manage to pull it off. She found inspiration in one of her favourite brands and make it into a theme for her birthday. Guess what happened? The company decided to pay her a surprise by sending her treat to make it a success.

What a pleasantly surprising birthday present for 4-year-old Irish and great publicity for CVS.




2.  Make it about a profession

Crazy about a profession? Why not have a birthday theme around the profession? That is exactly what this dad did for his toddler.L’erin Dobra found out his son was crazy about a particular advert and decided to make his birthday about the advert. From the grin, it is so obvious he had a wonderful day.



3. Alice in Wonderland Theme Birthday party

Most celebrities parties are usually not what you expect but not for Sabrina. With an alice in wonderland theme party for her 16th year old birthday, she actually got it all figured out.




4. Host a Laua Themed Birthday

With an Hawaiian-inspired décor. Make sure you greet guests with a tropical entryway made from bamboo, burlap, and brown shipping tubes. Interested in this party theme, just follow the instruction as laid out.




5. NFL Theme Birthday Show

Love sport? Then why not have a birthday theme of your favourite sport. Betty White ( golden girl of Boston Legal) celebrated her 94th birthday with an NFL themed add.



6.Monster Themed Birthday

Monsters are fun when they are not lurking under your bed, then you don’t want to look. But if you really interested in creating a fun theme birthday for your little one, then using a colorful monster themed birthday might just make the difference.




Looking for the best birthday decoration/ party supplies to make your birthday memorable? Check out our store.


How to Create A Bridal Shower Guest List

bridal shower guest list

The life of every party is in the people that attend. Today, we are going to learn how to create a guest list for your bridal shower.

Bridal shower is one of the most interesting build-up to any bride’s wedding. A lot of things can make or break your bridal shower party and one of them is the quality of people you invites.

While inviting people may not seem a great deal, getting organised around it is important and that is why today we are going to learn how to create a bridal shower guest list using our good old friend Microsoft excel. If you are like me, you can skip the stage below and simply download the free template.

Before we start, what is a bridal shower list and who should be on the list?

A bridal shower gathering is a party that includes the closest associate of the bride. A bridal shower guest list is a list containing the bride’s attendant, personal friends of the bride and family.

Now, let’s create our bridal shower guest list.

Step 1: Decided who you want on the list

If you are saddled with planning your friend’s bridal shower, you will immediately realise that deciding on the people to invite and the number is not an exact science.

As a rule of thumb, the number of people invited to a bridal shower should not be more than 20. Also, avoid inviting people who you know will not be invited to the wedding and finally, make sure the bride is aware of everyone who is invited to the party. After all, it is her party and you do not want to throw a “pleasant” surprise on her.

Step 2: Decide what information you want to keep

There are lots of information you want to keep about your guest but from experience, the following are some of the most important ones you should keep.

  • Name
  • Relationship to the bride
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Status
  • Invite sent
  • Reply Received
  • Notes


Step3: Pick your storage format

Basically, you have two option for storing your document. You  may decide to store it online which means you will  have to create it using the online version. The other option is to create it on your local system using your Microsoft Excel application.

Either option gives yo the same end result but you can always access one online anytime you want.

I will be creating my template using Google doc so you can easily download the template.

Step 4: Open Excel Sheet

bridal shower list-1

  • Click Google Sheet

bridal shower list-2

  • Name your sheet


Step 5: Fil in the headers

Now it is time to fill in all the headers we listed above. By the time you are done, your sheet should look like mine.

Step 6: Freeze the top plane

We want to ensure that we know what information we are filling into the different column so we are going to keep the header fixed.

Click on View and use the freeze menu to keep the upper row in place.

bridal shower list-4

Step 7: Enter all other information

Now populate the excel sheet with your information adding appro[iste information in the “notes” column.

That is how we make a guest file in excel. You can make yours following our step by step procedure or you simply make a copy using this link

Now that you have your guest list figured out and properly planned, it is time to send out those invitations. Not sure where to start, check out our invitation section for ideas.



Party Roundup- Best of April



Once again, it is the end of April and as usual we bring you the stories,tips and resources that made us go aaww in the month of April.

Here we go.

  1.  How to Create A Giant Ballon for Mother’s day: What would you give to be able to make a flower out of balloons? In this DIY tutorial, that is exactly what you will learn. Do not look too far for the perfect mother’s day gift.


2.Garden Bridal Shower Idea: When planning this bridal shower, we wanted to get the perfect mix of elegance, style and charm! This goal was achieved and exceeded because of the amazing vendors involved. They took the bride to be, Jamie, and made her vision come to life. Guests got to enjoy delicious desserts …. That is exactly what she garden themed bridal shower is all about.



3. Free Printable Mother’s Day Card: Guess we are still on a giving the perfect gifts for mothers. In this post, Kim shares her printable mother’s day card inspired from her earlier “Best Mom Tee”


4. How to Get Your Kids to Clean: I never can get my daughter to help out especially when she is not in the mood. She either feigns she is tired or she suddenly develops acute pain in any part of her body.  So how can you get the kids involved? Make it cool and fun just like the tip shared in this article.


5. Nigeria Wedding Statistics: And on the 7thtreasure party blog, we share the latest Nigeria wedding statistics in infographic form.


That is all folks. Come around any resource you feel, you want us to include in our roundup. Feel free to recommend.

Nigeria Wedding Statistics-Infographic

Why do people go to weddings? How many wedding takes place in Africa annually and what is the average cost of weddings in Nigeria? The wedding ceremony is usually a big one in Africa and most especially Nigeria. How many wedding takes place annually? What is the average cost of a wedding in Nigeria and most importantly why do Nigerians attend weddings?

If you have read our interesting wedding facts, then you will be interested in this infographic where we share some Nigeria and Africa wedding statistics.




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9 Traditional Wedding Fact From Around The World


You think you have heard it all! but I bet you, you simply have not

I bet you, you simply have no idea that these traditional wedding facts exist. Check out this infographic .

Traditional Wedding Fact You may Find Hard to Believe:

  1. South-Korea – Husband gives his mother-in-law ducks as a sign of his fidelity
  2. Indian– Bride’s sister or cousins steals the grooms shoe while he was intend the temple attending his wedding. He usually ransoms them back. Hmm! What a way to test the negotiation skills of the man and still have fun while doing that.
  3. Denmark– The groom’s socks is cut off while being hosted in the air. This is to represent his sign of fidelity.
  4. Peru– Remember the throwing of the flower after the bride’s wedding to see who catches it first? Read how it is been done in Peru.
  5. Malaysia– Couple does not use the toilet for three days. Breaking it may mean bad luck to the newly wedded.
  6. Sweden– Fancy the bride or the groom? Get them to get married in Sweden and you can steal a kiss officially. It is no crime.
  7. South Africa– Salt, pepper etc are given as symbolic items during the traditional wedding.
  8. Ireland– Straw boys visit the ceremony to dance with the couple and shares jokes. They do this dressed in straw costumes.
  9. Germany– Both couples are giving a saw to cut through a log together.


There you have it. Funny traditional wedding facts from around the world that are true. Now it is your turn, tell us how traditional marriages are done in your region?

Wedding Survey 2016- How Did You Prepare For Your Big Day


A wedding ceremony is fun but it can fill about-to-get-wed couple with trepidation. What should I wear? How much should I spend on my wedding dress? What number is just right to invite for the perfect wedding?

So we thought to ask those who have gone before us, how did they plan for their big day?

Take part in our wedding survey and help build a better picture for the bride-to-be.


Party Roundup- Best of March


Welcome to our second edition of the best from wedding and party blogs. This month’s roundup brings you the best in wedding dress style that are in vogue, party theme if you love basketball and much more.

Here we go in no particular order


  1. How to have a pizza basketball theme: If you love basketball and pizza, then this is a must-read article for you. This article shares 7 tips to help you create a pizza basketball party that is fun.


2. What do you wear on your wedding day: I love weddings.  But as a bride, how do you determine what to wear on that special occasion? Get some inspiration from Berta Bridal for your next design

Berta Bridal 2016 Wedding Dress Collection



3. Top Wedding Photography blog you must visit: Love to be behind the camera? The here are some photography blog that can give you inspiration for your next shoot.

4. How to plan your kids birthday successful: Kids are fun. They are great to have around the house but not when it is exactly their birthday. That is why we created this guide to help you plan a successful party for your kid.

And that is a wrap for the March edition of our roundup. If you find any article interesting, then reach out via email and we just might share them.

How To Plan Your Kids Birthday


Are you planning your kid’s birthday?

Then you are not alone.

In the next two months, it is going to be my daughter’s 4th anniversary. As I prepare for her next birthday, she will be 4 years old this year, memories of her 3rd year birthday still linger.

I actually knew she had a great time with her 3rd birthday because anytime she sees the picture , she goes screaming with joy.

Planning birthday for children can be daunting. After all, they are a little different in the way they see occasions. That is why I am going to share my lessons from her previous anniversary and use that as a guideline for this party.


How To Plan A Kids Birthday Successfully

  1. Pick A Theme : When my daughter was 3, she was in love with Dora. So we decided to stick with a Dora based theme. Now as she approachers 4, her favorite TV character is Miles from Tommorrow. I am still unsure who is her best character from that series but you can bet me anytime that is going to be the theme of her 4th Birthday


  1. Invite the right set of people: Most birthday parties are full of people who have absolutely why they are there. This usually happens most time with kids birthday. It is either the kids are too young to understand what is going on or the adults are much more than the kids thereby overshadowing them. Make sure you invite the right mix of kids to your child birthday. By this age, your kid probably has some friends. Ask him/her to tell you his friends and send them an invitation early enough.


  1. Get the essentials: No party is complete with the essential party supply list. This includes balloons, cakes and of course candy. You can order a candy stand like this one.  I could not remember my daughter having any affinity for her cake but every party after that, I always have to pull her away from the cake otherwise, the celebrant might just find out that their cake is already half eaten even before the party has started. Remember to match the cake to the theme.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 21.01.59-400x400


  1. Music: The life of any party. Get a DJ to mix her favorite song and remember to play the music that matches the theme of her party.


  1. Activities and games: If you want a fun filled party, then you need to plan well ahead games for the kids who will be attending the party. There are lots of games they can play. One game that always make me laugh is when kids dance round a chain of chairs arranged in a circle. The idea of the game is to see the last kid standing. The game always amuses me even though older kids seems to understand how it is be played better than the younger one.


  1. Give your kid their 5 minutes’ glory: Everyone wants to be the center of attraction. There is no better way to do this than to give your kid their 5 minutes of glory. Ask the celebrant to pick a friend to dance with and play their favorite music. Not only will you be surprised at who your child picks as a friend but you must just get to see some strange dance steps you never knew your kid has.


Planning a kids birthday can be fun. Just remember not to forget the bare party necessities. You can get a whole huge discounted party supplies here. This means enough games, activities and plenty food to go around. Take pictures of the occasion so that when they grow older, they can look back and laugh at themselves.

How To Throw A Successful Party

throw a successful partyDo you want to throw a successful party?

Imagine yourself hosting a party that guest keeps talking about even after they have left. What would make it so successful? Is it the food or are there secret ingredients that make for a successful party?

A party is usually a social event where people socialize and is usually characterised by eating, drinking and socializing.

A party is usually characterised by the above but what makes some parties memorable?


Secrets Ingredients to Throwing a Successful Party?


  1. Guest: The total number of guest and their complexity can either break or break your party. When planning a party, people usually start to think of the food first or the venue.


Unfortunately, they forget to consider that the people they really are planning this party for – their guest.


Make sure that your guests are the first thing you consider before you make any other plan. You want to have a handle on the total number of people you are inviting. Having an over populated party will make the place rowdy and people can suddenly become restive.


Too few people at your party and the space become too big, guest feels swallowed up.


Another thing to consider when thinking about your guest is the complexity of the combination of the guest are important. Are they of the same age group? Do they share the same interest or they have varied interest? What is their personality type?


  1. Music: Music is the live and soul of every party. Consider the type for music you want to play? Is it a music your audience will resonate with?


Depending on the type of party you are throwing, sometimes you want some music in the background. Other times, the music are meant to be played at certain intervals.


If background music is going to be used, make sure that the music is not interfering with conversations around the table. Background music should be just loud enough so people can hear it without distracting them from their conversations.


  1. Activity: People who go to parties usually do not remember a lot of things but one thing they will remember is the activities or the fun they had.

You must have a good plan for all the things that will take place at the party. Is it an outdoor party, then plan games that fit for outdoor activities?


If your party is indoor, the make sure that the games are indoor games.

Make sure your party is full of activities that will get your guest fully involved. Plan your activities around their age, personality type and available resources.


  1. Theme: To theme or not to theme? A greatly successful party must be themed. Picking a theme for your party helps you to make proper plans and give ambience to your party.


  1. Party Essential List: No matter what you do, there are some great essentials that every party must have.


I will suggest you start with this:



Decorations – balloons

Food- cakes, ice-cream and delicious foods

Cameras – to keep memories

Extra chairs and table – you don’t want to have your guest standing

Prizes for games – nothing makes it more fun when winners of games get prizes to take home with them.


Throwing a great party is not as difficult as a lot of people are meant to believe. With a little spice of the above, you can throw a successful party that keeps people talking.

Party Roundup – Best of February

party roundup

Welcome to the best of articles for February.

February is the month of love and we finally decided to use this month to start our 7thtreasure Wrapup post.

We shift through hundreds of blog post and articles and have carefully curated this special list for you.

Have fun!

  1. Latest Aso-Ebi Gown Styles

If you are not sure of what to wear to your next wedding party, here are some great styles to guide you.

2. Veil Infographic

A great wedding dress is not complete without the veil. The veil plays a crucial role during the wedding ceremony so choosing a good one that completes your wedding gown is important. In this article, the perfect length for a veil is unveiled.

3. Pre-Wedding Shot Ideas

How do you take a pre-wedding shot that will keep bringing smiles to your face. This post gives you 15 great themes and ideas for your pre-wedding shot. I especially love the levitation image pre-wedding shot.

4. Beautiful Private bachelorette Party 

Last night before the ring? Here is how to give the bride to be a memory time she will always remember and thank you for.

5. The Easiest way to come up with a wedding speech

Lost for words? This article provides great tips for a bride on how to write the best wedding speech that will make people think you are a pro

That’s all folks for this month’s roundup. Love a particular post , remember to share it.